Gifts For Your Journey


I am writing this because I am so excited for you. I wish I could be there for you, right by your side through this process whenever you needed me. I wish I lived right down the street so that I could stop by with scones and mother’s milk tea. I could show up without you needing to ask, to wash your dishes, do a load of laundry and leave a yummy casserole in the fridge for dinner. I wish I could come over for an hour, snuggle up your precious bundle up in a Moby wrap and take a couple of strolls around the block. In the meantime you could take a hot bath, eat some chocolate and finally take a deep breath. That is what friends are meant to do for each other when one of them has a baby.

I was trying to think of what to get you as a gift that would best help prepare you for motherhood. I know my physical presence would be the number one most important thing that you would need. Since the world is not perfect, I had to come up with something else to give you that might suffice. I know your mom and mother-in-law and good girlfriends and sister will get you everything you could possibly dream of having for your little baby. You will have more outfits for your little boy or girl than you even have outfits for yourself, in your dreary little closet of stretched-out pregnancy outfits and pre-baby jeans that no longer fit (they will someday, if you want them to). You will also receive more baby gadgets and goodies than you could possibly fill your days figuring out how to work. Some of those do come in handy (stay tuned for my list of the Poor Woman’s Minimum). There is nothing I could afford to buy you that would be enough to equip you as you embark on this journey. There is no single object I could give you that could supply you with much needed energy, stamina, mental balance and resolve that it will take to navigate your path into motherhood. All that I can think to offer is my voice; my careful thought and effort to write down the various things I would have liked someone to tell me before I had my own baby. Luckily if there’s something here you don’t need, you can always just turn the page.

I don’t believe that you need any advice.  

My hope is that these words will uplift you through your moments of frustration, laughter and tears. May you find some glimpse of the love and support that I wish for you, all these hundreds of miles away. With every word written here, I have been thinking, hoping and praying for your smooth, joyful, tender and thrilling journey into your new role. You were born to be a mother. You are funny, silly, and amazing. I believe that the little baby inside of you (the one you will soon be holding in your arms) did not just happen to choose you from the billions of possible mothers in this crazy world. He or she chose you because you are you. You were always meant to be his or her mother. You have everything it takes to be an incredible mother, and a perfect mother for your daughter or son. It is your gift to me, for I can be blessed to witness you become the beautiful mother you were always meant to be.

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