Dreams of Birth


The room is quiet and dark, lit with the soft glow of candles. Outside the world is sleeping in peaceful silence. Inside, a mother labors. The clean scent of grapefruit and peppermint oil fills the air. Fresh flowers stand in vases around the room, reminding the mother of the celebration that awaits her. Soft music creates a harmony with the mother’s voice as she vocalizes through contractions. She lets the tension in her body melt through a low, om-like moan. Her partner embraces her as she rhythmically moves her body with the downward waves that tighten her belly. Sometimes the intensity brings her to her knees. Her face is completely relaxed while she feels the force of the labor move through her body. She intuitively knows that in letting go she will conserve much-needed energy. She has the most difficult work of her life ahead of her, but she knows that she has the strength to make it. When the contraction subsides, she closes her eyes and lets her mind rest. She feels optimistic and excited. She intuitively knows that her effort will carry her to one of the most meaningful, beautiful and long-awaited moments of her life, and to her sweetest, most innocent love.

One of the most powerful things you can do in preparation for childbirth is to imagine your birth in a positive way. Your dream will give you the wisdom to pass through the darker moments of doubt and fear. Your dream is a belief in yourself, your body, your universe and the perfect child that you will bring into this world. It will inspire you to keep going even when you feel like giving up.

Why is it important to imagine your dream birth? Because in imagining your best birth, you are opening up the possibility of your dream coming true.

For many women the worst part of labor is the fear of what will happen next. Their greatest fear is to lose control and become vulnerable. In dreaming of your birth, you can shine light on those fears and turn them into power.

A Meditation for Your Best Birth

Close your eyes and sit comfortably with support on your lower back. When you imagine birth, what comes into your mind? If there are images that frighten you, then release those. Instead imagine your heart filling with love, picturing yourself in a place where you feel peaceful and supported. What will your best birth look like?

  • What does the room look like where you are laboring? Are the lights turned down low? Are there Christmas lights or candles? What scents are filling the air? What music is playing?
  • Who is present at your labor? What are they doing to help support you during contractions? Are they massaging you, brushing your hair out of your eyes, pressing a cool washcloth on your forehead? What words are they saying? Feel their quiet strength and their faith in you.
  • What tools are you using to cope with pain? Are you sitting in a hot shower while water hits and soothes your lower back? Are you floating weightlessly in a birthing pool?
  • What positions feel right? Laying on your side while your partner squeezes your hips, leaning forward with your head pressed into a soft pillow?
  • Where are you pushing? Are you in the bathroom sitting on the toilet, where you feel privacy and peace so that you can feel whatever you need to feel and make whatever noise you need to make? Are you pushing in the birthing pool? Is your husband sitting behind you, holding your shoulders for support?
  • What does it feel like when you finally feel your baby emerge? What does it feel like to hold him against your chest and see his face for the first time?
  • How will you, your husband and your birth team celebrate your victorious birth? With champagne and sushi? What will your first meal be after your baby is born?

Remember that your thoughts are powerful. If you fill your mind with powerful, empowering images of birth, then when it comes time for you to labor and birth your baby, your body will remember.

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