I’m Pregnant! Now What?



During our pregnancy, people would ask us, “Which doctor are you going to?” While our answer required some explanation, my first instinct was always just to tell the truth:

“Well, actually we’re going to see midwives.”

When they asked us which hospital we were going to, again after a brief moment’s thought, my off-the-cuff response was, “Well actually, we’re planning a home birth.”

I felt very positive about sharing the news, and to this day I have no regrets that I did. A lot of people don’t choose to have their babies at home. I support anyone else’s desire to plan their birth as it makes sense to them. Giving birth is one of the most intimate experiences in life! Do it how you want to!

One very happy result from being open about the way our daughter was born is that pregnant friends, and friends of friends, often contact me out of the blue to ask for recommendations. “Are you happy with the way you gave birth?” My answer is “YES!” Our daughter’s birth was one of the most, if not THE most, empowering experiences in my life. Their next question is, “Where can I find more information about natural birth?”

Birth dreamers and planners: Welcome. If you are pregnant, or planning to be pregnant, and you are curious about how an empowering birth can change your life, then this is for you.


F I N D   O U T   M O R E :


Birthing From Within: An extraordinary guide to childbirth preparation. I have never found a better resource that explores the importance of the mind-body connection during labor and birth.

Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth: Ina May Gaskin is an incredible midwife and pioneer of natural childbirth in the United States. Here she shares her valuable wisdom.

The Birth Partner: Everything you and your partner need to know to prepare for birth and postpartum.

The Doula Book: Answers to all of your questions: What is a doula? What can a doula do for me and my partner during labor? How can a doula enhance my birth experience, reduce complications and nurture the bond between me and my newborn? How can I find the best doula for me?

Prenatal Yoga and Natural Childbirth: A wonderful book by Jeannine Parvati Baker. This book personally transformed my perspective during pregnancy, 100% reducing my fears and anxieties and helping me to envision our daughter’s healthy birth.


The Business of Being Born: An introduction to the question, why does birth matter? (Note: this movie makes it seem scary to give birth in a hospital, which it sometimes is. That said, if you find a wonderful hospital or a wonderful OB or a wonderful midwife, then that is a game-changer. There are some beautiful scenes and points about natural birth, worth seeing!!)

A Birth Story: The story about Ina May Gaskin, a midwife in Tennessee who helped make natural childbirth and midwifery in the U.S. what it is today.

Guerilla Midwife: About Robin Lim, an incredibly talented and passionate midwife and CNN hero. She has devoted her life’s work to improving birth globally and in areas of disaster. She has a wonderful birth center and organization (based in Bali) called Bumi Sehat. She is brilliant!

What Babies Want: Ever imagine what birth is like from the baby’s perspective? Here is your chance. I have never seen anything like it.


HYPNOBIRTHING & HYPNOBABIES: Friends and patients swear by it. The most peaceful, relaxed and controlled (control being a relative term) mamas I have witnessed during birth are ones that have used hypnobirthing in some form as preparation. Take a class, watch a video, or listen to a cd: whatever will work best for you.

DONA (Doulas of North America): Find a certified doula near you through the country’s largest and most well-respected organization.


The Homebirth of Alba Joy Firebreak


A Beautiful Birth Story

My Journey To A Home birth

How I Came To Love The Hospital Birth That I Didn’t Want


Birth Films by Kalimana

Window Water Baby Moving


Birth Without Fear

Liz Rubincam

Red Plum Photography

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