My Friends Are Awesome


Lovely doula Melissa watching a baby be born. Photo by Red Plum Photography

Being a (small) part of a friend’s incredible and empowering birth leaves me floating on air. It fills my heart with so much joy and makes me take a look at everything and everyone in my life that I am grateful for. My friends are the strongest and most inspiring women I know. Fellow mamas who have taught me about strength, and sacrifice, and determination.

A mama who made plans, and careful preparations, for an empowering birth at home that became an empowering birth in the hospital. Her strength and unwavering belief in herself despite every curveball the experience could throw at her. Her acceptance of her vulnerability and her ability to ask for the support she needed. Her raw power and faith in her body and her baby.


(photo by Red Plum Photography)

I am thankful for the wonderful women at North Dallas Doula Associates, Red Plum Photography, and Cafe of Life Chiropractic that stood by her side through the hours and days of her challenging labor, giving her words of encouragement, gentle touch, counter-pressure, love love and more love, and even chiropractic adjustments (while pushing!) . Her fellow nurses, midwife and doctors that showered her with love and supported her through her best birth. Who just gave her some more time, which was all she needed.

Beyond this experience, I think of my amazing friends that navigate the difficult waters of motherhood and womanhood with amazing grace. My friend who gave vaginal breech birth, unmedicated, to her little man who decided to be born feet-first. My friend who cared for other mamas giving natural birth during her early labor, then went on to have her own awesome natural birth. My friend who survived lymphoma, and went on to have a perfectly healthy, “normal” and empowering hospital birth.

My friends have taught me that life is hard, but that we are strong. A mama who supports her own mama through cancer while raising her gorgeous baby girl and working full-time. A mama who raises her wily and precocious two-year old while she breastfeeds one-month-old twins. A mama who weaned her toddler so that she could undergo a mastectomy and chemotherapy after a breast cancer diagnosis. And all my friends and sisters, young and old, who sit with me over coffee, and spaghetti, and pie, who give hugs and hold hands, who look into my eyes and with an easy glance let me know that they have absolute confidence in me. That they will love me no matter what life throws our way.

Thank you mamas. You nourish me and inspire me and make my days rich. I know in this life that I can do anything because I have seen what you are all capable of. Thank you. I love you.


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