This Little Light of Mine


I have been thinking a lot lately about what this little project means to me. I first made it for a sweet friend who was physically far away as she expected her first baby. Throughout her pregnancy I thought about her often. Whenever I thought about her and her little family, my heart filled with so much love. I wanted to hug her but since I couldn’t I decided to write. Taproot Doula is not about me being a doula (at this point in life my role is a bit different, and I embrace that). The love that I feel for my friend is love and protectiveness I feel towards every pregnant woman.

I have noticed in my work that pregnant women flourish with love. On the other hand, they are very sensitive to negativity. I think that’s why we work together so well; I can pick up what they are feeling without them having to explain it.

Mamas: this world can be a sad and scary place. People are hurt and fearful, and when you are very tuned-in, it is easy to be affected by it. The good news is that there are people out there who love you, and believe in you. If you are around someone and they make you feel anything less than the beautiful, creative and powerful person that you are, then feel free to tune them out. Trust me, you will never forget listening to your heart.

You are beautiful, capable and strong. You are worthy of the deepest joy and love. If you can remember that during this special time in your life, then you will give birth to a person who is equally beautiful, capable and strong.

The light inside of you is more powerful than all of the darkness in this world. Once you figure that out, you will own a strength that no one will ever be able to take away from you.

heart-icon-614x460Love, Kate

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