Underwater pregnancy photos in the ocean in Hawaii.

Photo via Aevum

Dear baby girl,

I have often wondered if I am a good enough woman.

I have had to teach myself,

So that you wouldn’t have to —

There is so much to be afraid of in the world.

So be afraid

Take it in between your teeth

Like the rope you will use to save yourself

And feel the air as it lifts you

Baby girl

Whose perfect limbs jumble inside me

Like an oceanic wonder

Mystical wanderer

You could have been glimpsed once long ago

As flashes of light, an urge

The smell of the earth when the blooming starts

You wrote it as a song

Your unfolding

Sparkling eyes

Glimmering stars

Dreams that shimmer

All the other things you will ignite

My body sings the song of you

And our someday love

The way you will fit into the corner of my arm

Into my life

As you now fit within my body

It is an honor to have been the creation

That held yours

I recognize you

For how I’ve been waiting

A miracle you taught me

The truth of myself

What I have always been but never knew


(A poem I wrote to T, 32 weeks pregnant, April 4, 2011)

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