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TAPROOT DOULA is my gift to you mamas-to-be and you new mamas. Since I was a little girl (age 6?) I pored over books to learn about the miracle that is pregnancy. I drew pictures of pregnant women and felt incredibly protective whenever I saw a baby and her mama. It’s like I was born knowing it was my duty to love and serve new and expectant mamas and their babies! Mamas, I cherish you, I support you, and it is my daily prayer and life’s work that you feel loved, listened to and empowered in this most important journey.

This project is also for you birth workers. You midwives, doulas, lactation consultants, nurses and OBs . . . those of you who devote your lives, sacrifice your sleep, your children’s birthdays and most holidays in the service of helping mamas birth, breastfeed and nurture their babies. The childbearing year is such a fleeting part in the overall experience of a woman’s life, but its power impacts a woman forever. Day in and day out, you are the keepers of birth, the wise ones at the ready, even for women whose babies are just a glimmer in their eyes. The peace that is possible in this world begins with your contribution.

Welcome! Enjoy the best loved entries at TAPROOT (so far) . . .



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How To Love A New Mother

What Saved Me: Postpartum and the Baby Blues


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Love, Kate

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