My Beloved Teacher: Hitomi


{Painting by Nina FowlerThey Took Away My Veil}

Even though Hitomi never worked as a doula or midwife herself, she is most certainly a spiritual midwife to me.

Hitomi’s quiet, graceful and wise presence has been about her since I first met her, when she worked as an assistant for a home birth midwife named Cara.

If it hadn’t been for Hitomi, I would have never met Cara. Who knows, I may never have abandoned a career in film (or nannying) to help women give birth. But knowing what I know, meeting Hitomi was not an accident.

Working as Cara’s assistant, Hitomi offered a lot of reassurance and guidance to Cara’s pregnant patients. She answered the phone, and her voice is so sweet and calming, it naturally put the little mamas at ease. Believe it or not, I hear her influence in my own voice from time to time as I am explaining something to an anxious expecting mama. I literally say to myself, “that sounds just like Hitomi.”

We came together again after a long time apart on my way back from Guatemala, when I moved to Los Angeles to work as a travel nurse. Hitomi and Charlie let me sleep at their sweet house in Hollywood while I got my act together (or tried to ~ it took a couple years, honestly).

I loved spending time with my sweet Hitomi, who was just starting her and Charlie’s visionary endeavor to create the beautiful objects of Electriclove. She and I shared about the healing power of crystals, and the magic of the Santa Ana winds.

We were actually driving somewhere together when we saw a giant billboard about NEW YORK CITY, which gave Hitomi the realization that she and Charlie were meant to return to New York. When they moved they had to give away everything, and as a result I was blessed with new sheets (and a new bed), which we still use. ❤

When I was pregnant and we were living in a tiny house in San Diego, Hitomi called me up out of the blue. She somehow intuitively knew that I had been struggling with fear — of poverty, of the unknown, of not-enough. She told me to imagine abundance. I did. She was right.

No matter how long time passes when we don’t speak, I will always love Hitomi. Even if I’m not sure exactly what she’s up to, I know that she’s off somewhere healing someone. It’s just what she does.


{One of Hitomi and Charlie’s creations, via Spell Design}

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