A Very Good Year


Instead of going to a party and drinking champagne, this New Year’s Eve I will spend doing what I enjoy most … helping babies come into the world. 

It’s a quiet, beautiful time of year: the holidays are (finally) winding down. There’s enough space to take a deep breath and reflect back on all of the amazing and beautiful things that happened this year. 

Today I backed up all of my digital images from 2016. As they flashed past I could hardly believe everything that has happened and all of the beautiful memories we’ve shared! I am the first to confess that there were times this past year when I’ve felt completely run-down, tired and depleted. Looking back, it’s no wonder … so much has happened this year!

My family and I ate steaks in Nebraska, climbed (little) mountains in Arkansas, ate barbecue in Austin and visited our daughter’s birth place in San Diego.

I had a beautiful year of collaboration with North Dallas Doula Associates

This January marks a year of my service to our beautiful community, offering my unique practice of belly binding, mother blessing, and postpartum care.

I finished my yearlong project to create a comprehensive Labor Support Workshop for Labor and Delivery Nurses.

Melissa Espey-Mueller and I taught over fifty nurses essential labor support skills, including an eight-hour workshop on empowering birth and five positioning clinics to reduce pain and enhance labor progress.

I also helped host an awesome class about vaginas.


I wrote my little heart out, including this article for Birth-Institute on how to support moms when their births don’t go according to plan.

I helped countless babies safely into their mother’s arms.

I loved and supported my husband through another year of law school.  We became more connected in our marriage than ever before. 

I mothered my beautiful girl for another year.


More than anything, I feel accomplished in loving myself and accepting myself more, and teaching other mothers to love and accept themselves. 

With all these 2015 accomplishments, the one I’m proudest of all believe it or not, is taking my four-year-old camping for the first time … just the two of us.

No one thought we could do it, and even if we could do it, no one understood why we would.

Lesson of the year: the best paths are the ones less traveled.

My new year’s resolution is two-fold, and it’s for me, you, and everyone we know.  


 Love, Kate

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