There is a lie that we women tell ourselves. The lie: that some of our choices are somehow less brave.

We are haunted by the misperception that we are less because of what we’ve lived through. Because our story is different than someone else’s. Well f*** that. I had my baby at home without a Tylenol and people say that’s brave. This morning I held a mother in labor shaking with fear while she had her epidural placed. I can tell you in many ways she’s braver than me. I’m terrified of big needles. And mothers whose babies are born by Cesarean ~ they are my definition of heroes. They lay on an operating table completely vulnerable and open while their babies are born through an incision in their body. 

The thing about power ~ it can’t belong to you unless you decide to own it. There is a line of people down the block waiting to strip your power from you … they are disempowered themselves and that’s the only way they can get relief. But they’re like vampires … they can’t hurt you unless you invite them in. 

Look at your beautiful body and witness what it is capable of. Think of your story … your one story in this crazy, difficult world … and all the ways that it made you strong. Brave isn’t a choice … it’s who we ARE. 

Art: Birth (Cyprus) by Damian Hirst.

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