Why I Won’t Wait Any Longer to Love My Body


A few days ago, I asked a group of women to get naked ~ on camera. Together, we created beautiful images to help spread an important message. Why it’s time to stop fighting, and start loving, our bodies.

Our bodies have wisdom within.

Our memories and experiences don’t only exist in our minds, they also live within the energy pathways of our bodies ~ the connections within our nervous systems. 

Energy enervates every cell and structure of our bodies, from our hair to our toes. Our experiences narrate our perception of the world.  


Our memories teach us on a primal level — where we are safe, what could harm us, who we love and what we need to protect. In this way the emotional events of our lives imprint themselves upon the tissues of our bodies. 

As women, we have strong emotional connections within our
breasts, ovaries, vaginas and wombs.


Some of these messages are good ~ they tell us we are loved, we are beautiful, and we are worthy. Other stories are heavy and harmful …

  • That we aren’t pretty, thin, young or quiet enough.
  • That our physical desires and sexuality make us dirty, promiscuous, or even deserving of harm.
  • That in order to be “good girls” we have to deny our needs, and the instincts that keep us safe.
  • That our bodies are “broken”, and that it’s our fault. 


Our bodies are our homes. They tell the stories of our lives. They keep us healthy and send signals when we’re doing things that hurt us. They grow and protect our babies within our wombs, and nourish them after birth. Our bodies carry us through life, allowing us to perceive and feel and react, and to love. They make us who we are ~ scars, imperfections and all. 

Today, I choose to witness my body for what it is ~ and what it’s given me ~ and choose to feel only gratitude.

I’m done waging war on my body. What I’m searching for is peace. And I’ve waited long enough.


In honor of my 33rd trip around the sun, I’ve invited Panquetzani ~ aka Indigemama ~ to come to Dallas, TX to teach her workshop Matriz y Concha. This workshop is a holistic, mystical, whole spirit, womb healing workshop.

Learn more about the workshop HERE.

To apply for a scholarship or purchase tickets, visit our EVENT PAGE.

There is only space for 20 women, and this workshop is guaranteed to transform your life.


L o v e  y o u r  s e l f

h e a l  y o u r s e l f.

Love, Kate

All images created by me.

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