Self Care for Mommas Episode 2!

SELF CARE FOR MOMMAS episode 2! Confronting our minds and making it a safe place for us. ✨ Hard times as mommas can look like a lot of things: postpartum depression & anxiety, difficulties with our kids, problems in our marriage – and soul searching about what the F #%^ we’re doing here. It’s a s}#% show. ⚡️ #truthmedicine : your life is a reflection of you. But it’s not a reflection of who you are, it’s who you WERE. Today is a new day … and we’re learning how REVOLUTION in our world, our communities and our homes begins with our taking back our our MINDS as a safe, sacred space. #aslongaswehaveourstories #postpartum #depression #anxiety #ptsd #birthtrauma #motherhood #meditate #messymotherhood #honestmotherhood #beherenow #ramdass #alleniverson #listentoyourheart 


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